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Review: BIG FISH at Candlelight Music Theatre

"Director/Choreographer Devon Sinclair speaks truth to power in his "Director Notes" and is a good primer before curtain should you, like most, not know the plot.

This is an exquisite show. The cast in outstanding. In every scene, whether it be dialogue or dance, the actors pour out their hearts and show us "what I do for love"... Most choreography is derivative. If a theatre is staging OKLAHOMA!, WEST SIDE STORY, PIPPIN, etc., the choreographer studies the movie and recreates it. Ho Hum. With BIG FISH, however, Sinclair was inventive and imaginative. The end result was extraordinary; totally different from the norm one experiences in regional theatre. In his bio, Sinclair says he wishes to 'challenge standards'. Yep. Case closed."


Role: Director/Choreographer

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Role: Choreographer

Role: Choreographer

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